TheTrio Arc was founded in 1998 by Ardina Nehring, Jan Nehring and Masako Ohashi. In the years 200 and 2001, it was chosen «Artist of the year» by the foundation «Pro Argovia» (Switzerland). Since 2008 Irina Chkourindina is member of the Trio Arc. In 2009 the newly formed trio plays at the Wettinger Kammerkonzerten and was since then invited by many concert organizations (e.g. Schubertiade in Payerne and Porrentruy, winter concerts in Val Thorens (FR), Forum Musik in Kilchberg, Les Musicales de Compesières, Château Mercier in Sierre) and received excellent critiques.


Ardina Nehring started taking violin lessons at the age of 6. When she was 13 she was prizewinner of the «Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb». After graduating at the pre-university college in Baden (Switzerland) she studied violin with Abraham Comfort in Winterthur and Mathias Boegner in Zurich and in 1994 obtained her Teacher’s Diploma «with honours» from the «Schweizerischer Musikpädagogischer Verband“. Ater that she took up studies with Robert Zimansky at the «Musikhochschule Zürich» and which she finished with the Concert Diploma in 1997. In the same year she became prizewinner at the Duttweiler-Hug-Competition in Zurich. During those years and afterwards Ardina Nehring attended master classes with Raphaël Oleg, Xavier Gagnepain, Igor Ozim and others. Since 1998 she has been teaching violin, chamber music, orchestra, and drama at the „Kantonsschule Baden». Ardina Nehring regularly performs with various chamber music ensembles, she frequently does so with her brother Jan.


Jan Nehring obtained his first violin lessons at the age of 4 together with his sister Ardina. One year later he decided to play the cello and took lessons with Maya Zollinger and Alexandre Stein. After pre-university college he studied with Claude Starck at the «Schweizerischer Musikpädagogischer Verband» and obtained his Teacher’s Diploma «with honours». In the following years he continued his cello studies with Marcio Carneiro at the «Musikhochschule Detmold» in Germany and started training in sound en-gineering at the same institution. Jan Nehring received his Sound Engineering Diploma in 2001 and his Concert Diploma for Cello in 2002. He has also attended several master classes (above all with Xavier Gagnepain in Les Arc and in Paris). Since 2003 he has been working as a sound engineer at Radio Espace 2 in Geneva. Jan Nehring regularly performs with various chamber music ensembles.


Irina Chkourindina started taking piano lessons at the age of 4. She studied in Moscow and Geneva and obtained in 2005 her soloist’s diploma «with honours». In the following years she attended several master classes in Germany, France and Austria. Between 1991 and 2005, Irina Chkourindina became pricewinner at several national and international competitions (amongst others first prize at the Orpheus Competition in Zurich in 2005). She has recorded several compact disks with works of Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Irina Chkourindina regularly performs as soloist and as chamber musician in Russia, India and in many European countries.